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Getting Started With SEO

Backlinks – it’s one of those words filled with meaning though no definition really sticks longer than a couple months. Suddenly, a new expert article is pumped out and SEO specialists jump up and down repeatedly about the reliability and essential nature of these slippery features of results orientated strategy, but do you really need them? The short answer is yes, a healthy backlink profile can improve your rankings across the board. But how to build one? Instead of throwing around vague advice or two-penny ideas, we try to explain the What’s and Why’s of building a backlink profile.

Why Do I Need Backlinks?

There are a couple of reasons to start cobbling together a robust profile, mostly centered around SEO. Rankings are determined by a formula of algorithm changes, internet crawlers and content strategies, all swirling together into a balanced dish of optimization – at least in theory. Crawlers target links, they love links, in fact, they can’t survive without them. By including positive links in your profile, you may boost your position as crawlers move to index these influential sites; this link soup facilitates the development of trust, creating a relationship of value between your website and the search engine.

What Kind of Links Should I Collect?

The sad fact remains, not all links are created equal. Though they’re relatively easy to earn, the incoming links from kitschy cooking blogs or the never-read online diary of your best friend aren’t sites to drive your image into the stratosphere; they’ll pretty much do absolutely nothing, neither helping nor hindering website advancement. Be on the look-out for high page authority and rank, consistent social shares and relevance to your audience. How does that website relate to your blog or business? What will readers get out of your links? Are the informative? Often visited? How often do they update? Are people sharing the content? Is every page unique? Use tools like Moz to get you on the right track.

What Links Should I Avoid?

If you were working away at a housing foundation, you wouldn’t use dirt, straw or the cesspit to provide the supports for your dream home. Similarly, backlinks fed from spam sites, unrelated sites and adult websites come complete with a set red flashing letters. Wrong Way, Go Back. Though some sites do make it to number one using shady tactics, a fast rise to stardom is followed by a hard fall into the dust, further penalized for trying to put one over the search engine crawlers. In the casual sense, stay out of a bad neighborhood; similar to open society, bad online neighborhoods refer to links generated by wank-bait, gambling, and drugs pages. Broken links also pose a problem, as do coding errors, redirect problems and link farms (buying hundreds of unrelated links just to boost numbers in the short term).

Building a health link profile is time-consuming, no doubt about it. It’s importance to your continued online success makes the minutes spent at the desktop well worth it.